1 of 3: What is an MSP? Managed Service Providers in the tech industry

Managed Service Providers are becoming a very common way for businesses to outsource their IT support requirements including larger organizations to augment their IT teams. Learn some of the qualities you look for and how do MSPs price their services.

1. What is an MSP? (this video)
2. Valuing your MSP business. https://youtu.be/XhZJWexQb2g
3. Selling your MSP business. https://youtu.be/Q2lI1t-eR0w

0:00 What is an MSP
0:41 Managed Service Provider (MSP)
1:00 Types of MSPs
1:32 Cloud Services
2:28 Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) for MSPs
3:19 Qualities of an MSP
4:39 Data Confidentiality Integrity Availability (CIA)
5:03 MSP Pricing Models
6:04 MSP Costs
6:40 MSP Extra Projects
7:32 Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB) Outsourcing to MSPs
7:54 Large Enterprise IT Augmentation Using MSPs

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