2021 Review – The Best of MSP Business School

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2020 was a challenging year for all of us, but we all hoped for a better 2021.  While your opinion of this year may be mixed, it was another great year for the IT Community rich with new opportunity, new stories, and as always new challenges.

We were privileged to have a front row seat to some of the most influential leaders in the MSP space.  some of our favorites in 2021 include in no particular order:

3:45  – Teresa Rule, CEO, or RNT Professional Services (Episode 36) shares with us a story of how a countries economic outlook can be impacted through a cyber threat as simple as tracking portable rest rooms.

7:48 – Michael Crean (Episode 60) of Solutions Granted explains how his organizations culture and mission was shaped through the respect of hard working blue collar community in which he was raised and how that shaped his view of relationships that he takes with him to his job each day.  

12:09 – Abe Garver (Episode 75), the industries leading M&A advisor at Focus Investment Banking joined us for a second time to share the M&A outlook for MSP’s in 2022 and what makes a successful merger today.

16:58 – MJ Shoer of Comptia ISAO  (Episode 81) helps us understand the roles of an ISAO and how membership can help MSP’s and MSSP’s cut through the noise surrounding cyberthreats and get actionable information on how to combat active cyberthreats earlier and faster.

22:19 – Our guest Guy Walton, a former FBI cyber agent and founder of Counterthreat Analysis Mitigation Ops (CAMO), (Episode 32) tells us a story of an Intel processor heist and how they found the perpetrator during the early days of cybercrime.

26:45 – Jay McBain, the channel’s premier analyst at Forrester Research (Episode 61) joins us to share his thoughts on the future of the service provider and what steps they should take to ensure future success as the industry continues to change. 

31:20 – Shawn Walsh, founder of Encore Strategic Consulting
(Episode 53) talks about what it takes to become an effective leader and how to avoid business the mistakes that he endured while trying to grow his MSP. One of the first steps is that you work for them, they do not work for you.

35:29– Brett Jaffee, of ConnectStrat (Episode 68) shares his view on how MSP’s and MSSP’s can get from start up (Level 1) to the growth stage (Level 2) within their business and its starts with what the owner wants and in what timeframe.

35:29– Kevin Clune , Editor of MSPGrowthHacks and founder of MSP Spark  (Episode 80) tells us how new MSP’s can get started with marketing and how the MSP Spark community can help you solve your marketing issues and get direction through a group approach to problem solving.

We want to thank all of our listeners for a great 2021 and we look forward to serving you in 2022!



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