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This video discusses business continuity management (BCM). It explores business continuity management (BCM), business continuity planning, business continuity strategy, and enterprise risk management. See the video timestamps below.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:54 – Business continuity management (BCM)
03:56 – The need for business continuity management
07:14 – How BCM works
10:48 – The benefits of BCM
12:28 – Business drivers of BCM
20:14 – Business plans
22:24 – Components of a business continuity plan
27:06 – BCM lifecycle
28:47 – BCM lifecycle guidelines
32:40 – How to implement BCM system
35:36 – The BCM Process
42:06 – BCM framework
49:51 – Business continuity metrics
52:41 – Business continuity checklist
58:05 – Organisational resilience
1:00:22 – Organisational resilience & business enablers
1:03:09 – Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
1:05:26 – The benefits of ERM
1:08:21 – ERM strategies
1:10:16 – ERM process
1:11:46 – ERM risk response strategies
1:13:22 – ERM vs BCM
1:16:26 – How do ERM and BCM Work Together?
1:18:09 – Business Case for the separation of BCM & ERM
1:20:57 – Strategies for linking ERM& BCM programmes
1:23:21 – Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
1:24:11 – Why Do a Business Impact Analysis
1:25:11 – Purpose of a BIA
1:26:53 – Business-critical activities
1:29:29 – BIA data collection methods
1:30:57 – Conclusion

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