CertaPro Franchisee Tell Their Success Stories!

Franchisees are your best resource when choosing the best opportunity for you. Watch this video to learn more about how you too can be successful with CertaPro from the success stories themselves. Learn more about CertaPro and 100’s of other business and franchise opportunities at FranchiseGator.com

Speaker 1: I was an operations manager for Coca Cola Enterprises.

Speaker 2: I was a director of operations for a lot of food service businesses. The majority was 25 years with McDonalds Corporation.

Speaker 3: I was a corporate CFO. I’m a CPA by trade.

Speaker 4: My background is in Medical Microbiology.

Speaker 5: I was a general manager for a large corporation that had multiple divisions. And I had run different divisions for them, mostly doing integration of required companies.

Speaker 6: I was selling medical instrumentation for the world’s largest lesson-based of medicine manufacturer.

Speaker 5: I look at five different franchise opportunities and when CertaPro came up, it was actually my last choice out of the five that I looked at just because it was a painting business and I’m professional background, didn’t think that was me. Then once I start looking at the actual business opportunities, it was relatively inexpensive to get into compared to other franchises, quick cash turns, barely the scale of business is quite well. And most importantly to me, it was a company that had a vision of where it wanted to go, it’s a company that knew where it was and they have plans to how to get there.

Speaker 7: My husband Dan and I are co-franchisees and we were looking for different business opportunity and never thought it would be painting.

Speaker 2: You know, I joined CertaPro Painters because, coming from a major franchising company like Mcdonalds as I said, I was looking for a company that provided a structured environment that had systems management that I could take and implement within my business and learn from. I was looking for a company that was professionally managed, that really cared about their franchisees, that had professionally dedicated staffs that really cared about our success. I was looking for a company that I could easily cash flow and had a fairly low initial investment and I couldn’t believe that in my 3rd month I actually start turning a profit in this business.

Speaker 5: The management of this company is somebody I feel like an associate myself with and people I can break bread with and had the same philosophies and culture.

Speaker 8: I really enjoy the idea that I can create my own future, that I’m in business with a group of professionals whose sole focus is delighting customers. That’s a really new place to be.

Speaker 9: Even though we’ve had some pretty strong success, nationally and locally, we haven’t arrived yet. There is so much mor opportunity to be at from a growth perspective, from a development perspective, from just the overall space prospective. Even though we are the largest nationally, we’re still not there. And to me, it kind of gets me up in the morning is until we have what I will consider to be top of mind in every single person or it could be a customers of ours. I think that’s when we’ve truly have arrived.

Speaker 10: Thanks again for making CertaPro one of your options.



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