MBA International Management Full-Time at ESB Business School

Are you aiming for a management position or a fresh move in your career? Is that what you want to achieve with an MBA degree? Then, the MBA International Management Full-Time at ESB Business School at Reutlingen University is an excellent opportunity for you! In just one year, you will learn everything you need for management tasks in a compact, intensive way and in English.

In this MBA programme, you will acquire key qualifications in international leadership, entrepreneurship and digital transformation. You will expand your knowledge through highly application-oriented core modules and elective modules. You will also gain practical experience in a company project. You can also write your final thesis with the support of a company. Our lecturers have knowledge based on international professional practice. This guarantees you highly relevant information that optimally combines theory and practice. At the end, you will receive 75 ECTS for this MBA.

After graduation, you will be well versed in general management and will be able to take on management tasks in a wide range of companies. Common areas for which you qualify with this MBA are:

• Marketing and market research
• Consulting and key account management
• Product management
• International sales, trade and procurement

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00:00 Introduction
00:13 The MBA International Management Full-Time explained
01:03 What our alumni say
01:36 What an MBA can do for you
02:22 What our professors say
03:11 What you know after one year
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