The Poor Boy Who Created Honda

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How a Kid With $0 Created Honda – this is the story of Honda motors, and Honda’s founder Soichiro Honda. It’s an underdog entrepreneurial success story with both drama and business lessons. And it all starts in 1906 with the birth of Soichiro Honda, who would go on to found Honda’s business… As Honda grew up, he became very interested in tools and machines, and was especially keen on learning how vehicles worked after he saw his first car, a Ford Model T, when he was just a toddler. He chased after it, mesmerized by its design. Now, around this time bicycles were becoming very popular all over Japan, and customers began to line up in front of his father’s repair shop. Honda spent a lot of time watching his dad work, and then practicing repairs himself. Honda even learned how to make his own toys from whatever materials he saw lying around. Within a few years Honda was regularly helping his dad out in his repair shop. However, when it came to academic learning, Honda did terribly in school – he just wasn’t interested in what they were teaching, and longed to be back in his father’s workshop instead. In this business documentary on the story of Honda, we’ll look at how this poor Japanese boy built such a big company that now not only makes motorbikes and cars, but so much more – including Honda robots! Honda’s business success is truly fascinating. Welcome to the INSANE success story of Honda & the history of Honda!

00:00 Prologue
02:58 Working His Way Up
05:17 The Playboy
07:34 Starting His Own Business
10:33 Honda Motors Co.
14:45 The Biggest Challenge Yet
17:26 The Final Chapter

How a Kid With $0 Created Honda
The Shocking Rise of HONDA: From $0 to World Domination
The Epic Story of Honda
How a broke kid with $0 built Honda
The INSANE Story of Honda
The Untold Truth About Honda
How Honda Took Over The World With $0

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