Tips to collect royalty fees using BrandWide Franchise Software

Everyone starts their franchise with a goal of reaching the top position in the market. As a franchise owner, you will always want you to grow your income exponentially though franchise royalty payments. However, checking on and collecting your franchise royalty fees is not as easy as it seems. There are several hurdles and problems that franchise owners have to face in their franchising journey while collecting payments. These problems include spending exponentially more time tracking and collecting the franchise royalty payments. There can come several times when it becomes very difficult to keep a track and collect the royalty fees for your franchise. This is where, the BrandWide franchise software comes in. It brings to you, different types of features along with several necessary tips and steps so that you can collect royalty fees of your franchise properly and easily. Let us take a look at some of the tips to collect royalty fees using BrandWide franchise software.

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Franchising As A Tool For Business Expansion w/ Otunba Pradeep Pahalwani

Every Entrepreneur wants growth. Franchising as tool for growth is not that popular in Nigeria for the lack of knowledge of it’s working structure. Franchising is a tried trusted model worldwide and even have some successful examples in Nigeria like Slot, Habib Yoghurt etc. Major advantage is that the growth happens without the entrepreneur being…

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The Franchise Consulting Company – Justin Guevara

After conducting a simple internet search on franchise opportunities, it’s easy to see why so many people never take the leap and miss out on achieving their personal and professional goals. Sifting through over 3000 brands can be an extremely daunting task and the best decision that any future franchise owner can make is to…

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Mindmatrix Platform Franchises

Mindmatrix Sales Enablement Software for Franchises. – Maintain Brand Identity – Allow each location to personalize material – Insights and analytics at the corporate and local level – Ability to integrate data from all customer touch points to customize outreach – Easily capture leads via multiple mediums – Communicate across mobile, online, social and…

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